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Big Announcement from KenJo Markets


MARYVILLE, Tenn. (April 18, 2013) ― KenJo Markets are still KenJo Markets! Your KenJo may have a different look on the outside, but the inside will continue to offer Frozen Mountain Dew Slushies, the 2 foot long Super Grandaddy Sandwich, hotdogs, great coffee, the Third Chance Lottery drawings, and the same friendly employees that have been there for years. KenJo Markets, and sister company Downey Oil Company, have been locally owned and operated since 1957…..and that’s not changing either.

Recently, BP Oil Company made the decision to revise its marketing strategy in the southeastern United States. Downey Oil Company and KenJo Markets took that opportunity to do the same.

“We feel like we have definitely improved our fuel offering” stated Wes Carruthers, president of KenJo Markets. “When all of our conversions are finished we will be partnered with the three strongest gasoline brands in the State of Tennessee with Shell, ExxonMobil, and Marathon.” Aside from a different look at the gas pumps, KenJo took the opportunity to create its own image for the buildings as well as update and modernize the KenJo signage and logos. It was definitely time for the KenJo Indian to become current and that’s exactly what the new logo identifier symbolizes with the new fast and friendly logo and colors.

Sister company Downey Oil Company supplies the gasoline to 56 BP sites in East Tennessee, including the 35 area KenJo Markets. According to John Lowe, Director of Operations for Downey Oil Company, most all of the current 64 BP sites they serve will be converted to either Shell, Exxon, Mobil, or Marathon by the end of 2013….resulting in very few BP stations being left in the market at the conclusion of the project. Downey Oil Company president Charlie Carruthers sums up the project like this. “We have been with Gulf/BP for 56 years, so it is definitely a big change for everyone, but it is a change we are extremely excited about and feel like our customers will really enjoy as well”.

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